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Artikel Siap Pakai (Top 10 Clickbank Best Seller + Best Seller Amazon Product + Hot Topic Articles)


Kami menyediakan artikel siap pakai, setiap artikel ini original ditulis manual oleh writer sastra Inggris dengan TOEFL minimal 500, setiap artikel sudah kami cek dengan copyscape premium :D.

Artikel ini terdiri dari:

100 Artikel Product yang Best Seller di CLickbank
100 Artikel review product yang Best Seller di Amazon
100 Artikel Hot Topic yang banyak dicari, sangat cocok untuk para pemain AdSense, Infolinks dll

20 Artikel Insurance: SOLD OUT
40 Artikel Travelling: SOLD OUT



50 Artikel Health: SOLD OUT




$1,5 / artikel

1.Kategori Home and Gardening:

1. Solution for Woodworking Project

2. Build Outdoor Shed Easily

3. Build Chicken Coop by Yourself

4. Growing Organic Plan in Short Time

5. Solving Your Dog’s Problem

6. Woodworking Guidance for Personal Use

7. Live Healthy with Healthy Food

8. Good Speech for Wedding

9. Landscape Design Tutorial Package

10. Living Healthy Life by Consuming Healthy food

2.Kategori Bizz and Investing:

11. The Lotto Black Book

12. The Penny Stock Egghead

13. Greg’s Success Signals

14. Cristina Ciurea Scientific Forex

15. Million Dollar Pips Robot

16. One Day Swing Trades

17. Penny Stock Prophet

18. High Income with Lotto Master Formula

19.Webinars for Full Promotional Marketing

20. Extreme Day Trading for Successful Business

3.Kategori Health: SOLD OUT ALL

4.Kategori  Travelling : SOLDOUT ALL

5.Kategori Games:

41.ProFlightSimulator – The Most Amazing Flight Simulator Game

42. Aeon StarWars Guide

43. StarWars Resources Online

44. World of Warcraft Game Guide

44.lThe Most Complete WOW Guide

45. The Most Complete WOW Guide

46. Copying Your Game for Backup

47.Fixing Your PS3 – DIY Guide

48.vOperating The Old Republic Stars Wars Saga

49. Wii Ebooks for game lovers

50. Best Gold Guides

6.Kategori E-Marketing:

51. Get Fast Cash Commissions and See how Easy it is to Make Money

52. Mobile Money; The Top Secret Mobile money Technology

53. Pt. How Internet Can Help Your Business

54. Making Money is More Effective with the New Platform

55.Fast Cash with the New Money Making Idea

56. Making Money is Very Easy

57. Taking Paid Surveys Online; the Simplest Way to Make Money

58. Speaking Out Internet Marketing

59. Making Fast Money with Money Making Code

60. Special Free Traffic Software

7.Kategori Software:

61. Finding Phone Owner Identity Via Online

62. Incredible Money Trading Robot

63. Forex Megadroid for Better Money Trading

64. The advantage of using Instant Background Check

65. Background Check Engine For Your Safety

66. An Important Registry Size Program

67. Fix Cleaner Computer Application To Help Your PC Run Faster

68. Gain Profit With Forex Growth Bot

69. The Benefits Of Using Digital TV On PC Software

70. Driver Robot Scan Engine For Your Hardw

8.Kategori Sport:

71. Free Tips and Videos to Improve Your Golf

72. The Safe and Effective MMA Training Guide

73. Video of Killing Handling and Dribbling

74. Learn to be A Quick Player from A Professional’s Video

75. Self Defense Fighting to Fight Troublemakers

76. Check the Condition of Pre-Owned Vehicles with Vehicle History Reports

77. Best Techniques for Basketball in Videos

78. Become Real High Jump Freak

79.Volleyball Magic Works

80. Hit It Further with Golf Swing Speed Challenge

9.Kategori Self Help  ( SOLD OUT )

10.Kategori Family

91. Grabbing Pregnancy Miracle through Very Simple Way

92. Proven and Powerful Tips Getting Pregnant

93. Plan My Baby Package for Desired Gender of Your Children

94. How to Elevate Self Esteem of Kids?

95. Products for Turning Infertility into Pregnancy

96. Great Parental Guide for Talking to Toddlers

97. Pick the Gender of Your Baby Easily

98. Tips on Pregnancy at Any Age

99. IVF Success Program for Your Pregnancy

100. Pregnancy without Ponds You Are Dreaming of





A.Toys and games:SOLD OUT ALL

B. Electronic:

11. Smart E-Reader Kindle Fire

12. Kindle Touch, Your Pocket Digital Library

13. New Experience in Reading A Book With Kindle E-Reader

14. Download Books Anywhere With Kindle Touch 3G

15. Find Your Way With Garmin Nüvi Portable GPS Navigator

16. Kindle Keyboard 3G For Travelers

17. Apple iPod Touch, Smart MP3 Player

18. Connect Internet To TV With Apple TV MD199LL/A

19. Apple iPod Touch, The Next Generation Of Smart Music Player

20. Watch Over 450 New Entertainments With Roku 2 XS 1080p Streaming Player


21. Panasonic DMC FH25K

22. Canon SX40

23. GoPro HD Hero2 Outdoor Edition

24. Nikon Coolpix L26

25. GoPro HD Hero2 Motorsports Edition

26. Canon PowerShot S100

27. Canon T2i Processor

28. Nikon D5100 16.2MP CMOS

29. Canon Rebel T3 Digital

30. Canon PowerShot ELPH 300


31. Fifty Shades Darker: Book Two of the Fifty Shades Trilogy

32. Fifty Shades Freed: Book Three of the Fifty Shades Trilogy (50 Shades Trilogy)

33. Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking

34. The Hunger Games

35. The Serpent’s Shadow (The Kane Chronicles, Book Three)

36. Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, Book 2

37. The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson

38.The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed

39. Bring Up the Bodies Novel Trilogy (John Macrae Book)

40. Insurgent Divergent Trilogy





71. Microsoft Office Home & Student 2010

72. Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

73. Corel PaintShop Pro X4 Ultimate

74. Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010 Product Key Card

75.Adobe Photoshop Elements 10

76. Product Key Card of Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010

77. Office Mac Home and Student 2011

78. Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade (Home Premium to Professional)

79. Norton Internet Security 2012

80. Windows 7 Professional SP1 64bit (Full) System Builder DVD



91. Give N Go Boxer Brief – Comfortable Men’s Underwear

92. Hudson Baby Bodysuit Made from 100% of Organic Cotton

93. Moving Comfort Womens Fiona Bra for Sport Activities

94. Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses

95. Injinji Performance Micro Toesocks

96. Quest Cycling Short for Men

97. Men’s Covert Cargo Short from Levis

98. Silk Money Belt for Storing Your Belongings during the Vacation

99. Hanes Classics 4-Pack Multi Color Underwear

100. eBags Packing Cubes for Your Travel Need






1.IPOs – Special Day for New Companies
2.Merchant Cash Advance – New Solution for Business Loan
3.Some Ways to Expand Your Business with Money Collateral
4.Reason of Choosing Local Pawn as Financing Solution
5.Advantages of Debit Cards and Prepaid Credit
6.Some easy ways to increase profit in stock market
7.Benefits of Annuity as Your Investment
8.Choosing A Better Long Term Insurance
9.Several Tips Before Making Investment At The Bank
10.All You Have To Know About Hedge
11.The Advantages Of Avoid The Debt
12.The Management Of Risk In Stock Exchange
13.The Evolution Of Portfolio Theory
14.The Important Of Mortgage Training
15.Training That You Need to Fill in the Job Position within Mortgage Industry
16.The Dynamic Development in Asia ETF Securities
17.Having Test Equipment Rent for Your Company
18.Early Learning for Financial Responsibility
19.Bank Services Development for You
20.Setting a Better Standard To Reduce The Account Rejection



1.Following Guidance on Your Dream
2.What Depression Feels Like
3.What You Believe to be True
4.Take the Risks and Grow with Forgiveness
5.Get Free Emotional Space and Share the Others
6.Relaxing Mind Exercises
7.Being Different? Why Not?
8.All problems have the solutions
9.Get the biggest way of thinking
10.We can learn anything from the experiences
11.Get the success in you workplace
12.The responsibility in our life
13.Get the space in our beautiful life
14.Become a winner
15.Become a good friend to your obstacles
16.How to Ignite Your Passion
17.Some tips to handle difficult people
18.How to be Winner and Reach the Goal
19.Tips to Look and Act Young
20.Tips to Have Effective Communication



1.Some Profitable Part Times Business Ideas
2.Do 5S Principles in your Workplace
3.The Important Of Lean Management Training
4.When You Want To Buy Or Sell Business
5.The Advantages Of Joint Venture
6.Several Tips In IT Marketing
7.The Importance Of Recruiting The Right Employees
8.Two Kinds Of Internet Marketing Strategy
9.The Importance of Due Diligence Process
10.Growing Your Business
11.Advance Your Business Intelligence
12.Building a Successful Mutual Partnership
13.Avoiding Tax Liens
14.Marketing Six-Pack Formula: Develop Business without Noise
15.Open Display Sign: Simple but Essential
16.Follow Up Marketing Strategy
17.Promotional Product to Increase Company Awareness
18.SEO Strategies for Small Business
19.4 Steps To Establish Good and Effective Meeting
20.Business End-Game Steps to Take




21. Diet Method after Having Baby

22. What is Control Diet Pill

23. Lose Weight Efficiently After Labor

24. No Good Fast Weight Loss Method

25. Burn Belly Fat – Get Rid of Excess Stomach Fat

26. Fight Fat with These Weight Loss Tips

27. Best Foods for Burning Fat

28. How to Struggling with Your Motivation in Losing Weight

29. The Best Ways for Becoming Thinner

30. Doing the Exercise Effectively for Losing Weight

31.How to Burn Your Calories Faster

32. Losing Weight by Eating Regularly

33. Tips on Getting Flat Stomach

34. Losing Weight by Smelling Strong Smell

35. Reduce Body Fat by Consuming Healthy Foods Rich in Nutrients

36. Losing Weight during Pregnancy

37. Natural Way to Lose Weight

38. Ketogenic Diet and the Importance of Essential Fatty Acids

39. Melting Stomach Fat with 15 Minutes Fitness Routine

40. Diet and Exercise for Efficient Weight Loss


41.Women Cancer Symptoms Awareness

42. Chemotherapy for Cancer

43. Laser Blood Therapy for Safe and Effective Cancer Treatment

44. Understanding Cancer

45. Cancer Center for Treatment and Treatment Improvement

46. Why Many People Dying of Cancer

47. Social Medicine: The Best Place to Share about Cancer

48. Excuses to Fight Against Cancer

49. The Symptoms of Cancer

50. Early Consciousness for Better Medication Handling

51. Cancer Recovering in Natural Way

52. The Best Help for Fundraising Events

53. Possible Reasons for Happening Cancer

54.Right Foods for Fighting Cancer

55. Natural Way to Cure Cancer

56. The Simplest Method to Avoid Cancer

57. Medical Test to Treat Cancer

58. How to Choose Cancer Insurance

59. Bad Effect of Modern Cancer Treatment

60. Story about Cancer Fighting



61. Avoid 7 Things if You have an Insurance

62. The Importance of the Planning for Insurance

63. Tops to Get the Affordable Insurance Cover

64. The Benefits of the Income Insurance

65. The Pros and Cons of the Income Insurance

66. Four Steps to Convert the Insurance lead

67. Ditch and Switch Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance for Saving

68. The Benefits of Buying Insurance Leads

69. How to Protect Business and Family through Insurance

70. Securing Your Family’s Future with Income Insurance

71. Insurance Plan to Discuss before Marriage

72. How Group Insurance Program Gives Extra Benefits

73. Why Insurance Agents should Continue Their Educations

74. Continuing Education for Insurance Agents in California

75. Covering Your Everything By Esurance

76. Continuing Education In Insurance

77. Dealing On Insurance Claim With 5 Tips

78. The Meaning Of Term Life Insurance

79. The Insurance You Need

80. Continuing Education And Insurance Licenses


81. Using the Mineral Makeup for Natural Beauty Appearance

82. Homemade Facial Tips for You

83. The Best Way for Growing Your Healthy Hair

84. Some Mistakes in Brazilian Waxing

85. Switching to the Natural Cosmetic Now

86. The Benefits of the Semi Permanent Makeup

87. How to Look Beautiful with Your Makeup

88. Advantages of Moroccan Oil for Better Skin and Hair

89. What Vitamin D Has To Offer To Health of the Body

90. What One Should Know With Respect to Age Spots

91. A Range of Treatments for Better Skin

92. The Importance of Eyelashes to Your Appearance

93. Consuming Green Tea for Better Health

94. Tips on Buying Hair and Beauty Supplies

95. What to Know before Shaving the Underarms Hair

96. Semi Permanent Make Up Saves Your Funds and Time

97. How to Make Your Eyes Brighter and Larger

98. How to Get the Imperfect Face Skin Unnoticeable

99. Taking Care Your Hair in 9 Way

100. Remove the Wart



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